Turkey calls Ambassador US to the mat for recognition Armenian genocide

The American Ambassador to Turkey is summoned by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the recognition of the Armenian genocide by President Biden.

Earlier today, the Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu said that he rejected recognition. According to him, there is no legal basis for recognition. The country itself speaks of the Armenian question.

The US Ambassador will therefore be conveyed a strong reaction from Turkey, writes the Ministry in a statement. This recognition hurts the Turkish people very much. This wound will be difficult to repair.

Avoid Term

Most of Bidens predecessors have avoided the term for the murder and deportation of hundreds of thousands of Armenians, in order to avoid damaging the relationship with NATO partner Turkey. Only President Reagan used the word genocide in 1981.

The Dutch cabinet has so far used the wording the question of the Armenian genocide, although a majority of parliament acknowledged the Armenian genocide three years ago. In February, the Chamber once again called on the cabinet to join it.