Turkey imposes advertising ban on Twitter and other platforms

In Turkey, advertising on Twitter, Periscope and Pinterest platforms is no longer permitted. The Turkish information and communication watchdog imposed an advertising ban on companies under a new social media law, according to decisions published in the Turkish Government Gazette.

The new law requires companies to appoint a local trade representative. According to critics, the law is mainly intended to muzzle divergent opinions. The law allows authorities to remove the content of platforms, where previously it was only possible to block access. The change has led to great concerns in the country, as many people are focusing more on online platforms since Ankara strengthened its grip on the mainstream media earlier.

Previously, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter were awarded fines for non-compliance with the law. Companies that do not comply with the rules are severely restricted in their access to the network, thereby technically blocking access.

Facebook tack on Monday with the appointment of a local representative. Also YouTube, part of Google mother Alphabet, decided earlier to appoint a representative in Turkey.