Turkey starts research on Wilders because of Twitter messages

Turkey launches a judicial investigation into PVV leader Geert Wilders for insulting President Erdogan. That research has something to do with Twitter messages from Wilders.

These are messages posted yesterday by the Dutch politician. He then placed a picture of Erdogan with the text terrorist. In another post, he called Erdogan a โ€œdeadly Islamist who incites hatred and terror, also here in the Netherlandsโ€.

This tweet includes:

The PVV leader tweeted several times about Erdogan. โ€œVote Rutte out of the Turentje on March 17th and I will make short cuts to the influence of the Islamist Erdogan in the Netherlandsโ€, he also posted yesterday on the social medium.

A year ago, Erdogan filed charges against Wilders. That too was discussed by the politician yesterday. โ€œErdogan even filed charges against me in Turkey and wants me to be behind bars there. It is time for Rutte to show some guts and tackle the terrorist Erdogan, stop his influence in the Netherlands, put Turkey out of NATO and turn out the Turkish ambassador.โ€

The tweets were published on the day that MPs asked the cabinet to publish as soon as possible a confidential report on the role of Erdogan in the rise of salafism in the Netherlands. The analysis of the National Counter-Terrorism and Security Coordinator received a lot of criticism.

Wilders, together with MP Van Kooten-Aians, wanted the note to be sent to the Chamber. They believe that a debate should be held as soon as possible.