Turkey to evict Dutch ambassador and colleagues after riot over incarcerated dissident

Turkish President Erdogan has instructed the Foreign Minister to expel ten ambassadors from the country. The Dutch representative Marjanne de Kwaasteniet is also affected by the severe diplomatic sanction.

โ€œI ordered our Foreign Minister to deal with as soon as possible that these ten ambassadors are declared persona non grata,โ€ Erdogan said today. โ€œThey will learn and understand Turkey. If they don‘t understand Turkey, they have to leave.โ€

See for yourself what Erdogan said about the case:

The ten called on the Turkish government in a statement last Monday to release businessman and philanthropist Osman Kavala. The businessman was arrested because he would have been involved in protests in 2013 at the Gezi Park in Istanbul.

On the mat

Apart from the Netherlands, the embassies of the United States, Germany and France, among others, voted for the release of Kavala. Earlier this week, Turkey had already called the ambassadors to the mat.


Netherlands and the nine other countries discuss the situation with each other, says a spokesman for the German Foreign Ministry.

Erdogan had previously alluded to expulsion of diplomats because of the statement. โ€œDo you think you can lecture Turkey? Who do you think you are?โ€ , he had told journalists on Thursday.

Osman Kavala has been stuck since 2017 for his involvement in the protests against President Erdogan four years earlier. Last year, after a short-term release, there was a suspicion of involvement in the failed coup in 2016.

The European Court of Human Rights had already ordered the Erdogan administration to release Kavala in 2019, but the Turkish government has never responded to it. โ€œIn your countries, bandits, murderers and terrorists are not released either?โ€ , Erdogan responded to the call on Thursday.

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs says there is no official report yet that Kwaastenite has to leave the country. In the meantime, MPs speak disgrace of the move and call it a pointless escalation.

The relationship between our country and Turkey had improved in recent years following a diplomatic riot about the expultion of the Turkish Family Affairs Minister in 2017, both countries refused entry to each other’s ambassadors, but in 2018 the diplomatic relationship had been restored.