‘Turkish hackers attack PvdA. ‘

The website of the PvdA has been out of the air for a long time on Saturday. The party fears being the victim of a cyber attack by Turkish hackers. The website of MEP and MEP Kati Piri is still flat.

Both websites are targeted by a so-called DDoS attack. In such an attack, a site is bombarded with large amounts of data traffic, which overloads the server and makes it difficult or impossible to reach the website.

Piri reports that PVDA.nl is still struggling with attacks, but that security now distinguishes between normal traffic and fake visitors. Social media reports say that the Turkish hacker group ‘Anka Neferler Tim’ is behind the attack. In Turkish it is possible to read that the websites of Piri and the PvdA are being taken out of the air.

It seems that this is an attack on my support for democrats in Turkey and my call for the release of political prisoners, writes Piri in a statement. We will not be silenced by this kind of action. Taking the website of a Dutch political party out of the air a month before the elections by foreign hackers is unprecedented and worrying.