Turkish Zeynep (19) goes unconscious in amusement park attraction and dies

A 19-year-old woman suffocated in an attraction in Turkey in her own vomit after she became unconscious. The victims family, Zeynep Gunay, says that park staff allowed the ride to continue despite warnings.

The woman was visiting Hayrola Luna Park in Istanbul, Turkey, on Monday, and ventured to the โ€œKamikazeโ€ attraction, a swinging danger where you are stuck in a chair. It became fatal to her. She didnt get good during the ride and got out of consciousness. She then suffocated in her own vomit according to media in the country. The 19-year-old was declared dead in hospital, reports The Daily Mail.

The womans family is inconsolable and claims that the staff serving the attraction hit multiple warnings in the wind. Once the Kamikaze was cheated, the parents would have been told that this was more common to visitors and that they had to give Zeynep โ€œtwo or three blowsโ€ in the face to help her regain. The shocked family members had to call the emergency number themselves after a misunderstanding to get her picked up in the park, but then it was probably too late. They are now announcing legal action to make anyways their right.

โ€œMy daughter was very successful. She studied day and night. Her goal was to become a good psychologist,โ€ says the father in local media. The amusement park has not responded yet.