Turn the childrens room into a cosy beastly place

The childrens room is the nicest room in the house to decorate. Youll never forget the super happy face of your child when they are allowed to sleep in their new room for the first time. The animal kingdom is an imaginative theme for toddlers and preschoolers to work with in the house. From jungle wallpaper to wild animals duvet covers and a STAY WILD wall light as decoration so they can play and sleep well.

Main photo: Safari wallpaper from www.wallmur.com, stay wild wall lamp from www.oohmylight.com and duvet cover www.crateandbarrel.com


The childrens room is often not very large, which is why this wall-sized animal wallpaper from www.wallmur.com is so suitable to make the room look bigger and create a playful safari atmosphere. Combine it with a chair that a toddler cant fall off like the Elephant chair and the matching rounded table so they cant bump off from www.eo.dk to keep the children playing safely.

Wallpaper from www.wallmur.com and Elephant chair from www.eo.dk

Cooking with your child

Making your child aware of what healthy and tasty food is at an early age is an important trend among young parents. But most of all, let them do it and discover it for themselves. At home, your toddler can work with a mini kitchenette called Little Dutch from www.babypark.nl to cook something tasty together, and the wooden tea set from www.betonstudios.com is so cool that it also looks decorative on the large design table in the house.

Mini kitchen from Little Dutch via www.babypark.nl and wooden tea set from www.betonstudios.com

Sleep well with your cuddly toy

For the babys room, good window decoration is important. Especially during the day during the afternoon sleep, these Duette Shades are handy and lightweight to put down quickly. The soothing effect of pastel blue works immediately and gives the white babys room an attractive colour. Of course there are also pink Duette Shades from www.luxaflex.com for the girls.

Soft cuddly toy Cordy Roy Dino from www.jellycat.com and duette shades from www.luxaflex.com

Safari chic for children

This bamboo lounge childrens bed from Childhome is a great mood maker but also really handy because you can hang a mosquito net over it in summer and in winter for example a LED light cord as an extra light point. For children, small lights are always nice to leave on while they sleep. The Koala wall lamp from www.oohmylight.com has a sweet look as if the little bear is watching over you. As a parent you can also think up an adventurous story around it and tell it to your child before bedtime. They will never forget the koala bear stories afterwards.

Bamboo lounge childrens bed from Childhome via www.fonq.nl and wooden wall lamp Koala from www.oohmylight.com