Turns out Chromey from World of Warcraft is a transgender character

Blizzard recently released the book World of Warcraft: Folks & Fairy Tales — a collection of tales about the heroes of the World of Warcraft universe. Stories for the collection were written by Steve Denuser, Christy Golden, Cami Garcia, Allison Irons and other authors. Denuser‘s Visage Day tale tells about an important moment in the life of each dragon: choice mortal guise in which they spend most of their time.

Any of the dragons can decide what it will look like. And the dragon Chronormu chose the appearance of a dwarf named Chromi.

When asked why the choice fell on the female gender, he/she answered simply: It suits me . It is worth mentioning that the male ending of the name Chronormu has long attracted the attention of players.

And now it’s recognised officially: the lead narrative designer admitted that Chromey had changed gender for her mortal guise. Before the ceremony, Chronorm was addressed through he, after the pronoun changed to she.

Danuser confirmed that this had been done deliberately. More on Gambling Circulation House Flipper exceeded 2.

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