TV shows enthrall loose barkies after camera womans death

The death of a camera woman on a movie set brings a discussion in Hollywood about the use of firearms on the set. Two television series enthrall loose barkers and use digital effects from now on.

โ€œThe safety of our cast and crew is the most important thing,โ€ writes producer Alexi Hawley of the police series The Rookie in an email to his people. โ€œEvery risk is too much risk.โ€

Also for superhero series The Boys no longer use firearms with loose blanks, producer Eric Kripke promises on Twitter. He calls on others to follow suit.

โ€œIts my worst nightmare that someone on set gets hurt or killed,โ€ he says after the death of camera woman Halyna Hutchins. โ€œIn memory of her a simple promise: never more loose floats on my sets. Were using digital effects from now on.โ€

Cold weapon

Halyna Hutchins was fatally hit on the set of the Western Rust by a bullet from a weapon that fired actor Alec Baldwin. The bullet ended up in her stomach; Hutchins later passed away in the hospital. The director of the film was injured to his shoulder.

What exactly went wrong is not clear yet. Baldwin would have been told that the weapon was cold and so there were no patterns – sharp or loose – in it. American media continues to write that there had been problems with weapons on the set of Rust.

โ€œEveryone always thinks that a loose flodder cant kill you,โ€ warns Rick Pallaziol, who has been supplying weapons for Hollywood for forty years. โ€œBut it has tremendous power. And whats more, if theres something left behind in the barrel, it can shoot out.โ€

In this video, we show how it actually works with weapons on film sets and what the power of blanks is:

Director Cate Davaney, who worked with Hutchins on the film The Mad Hatter, says he wants to work only with unfinished weapons. She is baffled by the incident and advocates a ban.

โ€œYou have to ask yourself: where do we put the line? Its wonderful what stuntmen and gunmasters all do, but this is so pointless,โ€ she tells Reuters news agency. โ€œIt may look less good, but now you have to wonder whats best.โ€

Director Ben Rock, who once worked on The Blair Witch Project, also acknowledges that real weapons look better but are not worth a lifetime. โ€œIf you fire a real weapon, you get a nice backlash, cool. But were pretending to the rest, why cant that be here?โ€

โ€œIf you have the money for single floats, you can hire someone for digital securities for that same money. Then you have mouth fire and everything without it being dangerous to humans.โ€

โ€œUnnecessary Riskโ€

Director Craig Zobel of the Mare of Easttown miniseries already has experience with these visual effects. โ€œAll shots were digital with us. You might be able to see, but what the hell does it matter? Its an unnecessary risk.โ€

โ€œWeapons dont have to be loaded with blanks or something at all. It should be completely banned.โ€

One of the first people to respond to Hutchins death was Bruce Lees daughter, Shannon. She lost her brother Brandon in a gun accident in 1993 during the shooting of The Crow. Her message was simple: โ€œNo one should ever be killed on a movie set with a weapon. Point out.โ€