Tvtips: this is what we watch for Christmas

That Christmas classics like Home alone, Die hard and A Christmas carol will be broadcast somewhere again this year, is almost as certain as that there are balls in the tree. So were just gonna watch that one more time? Or are we broadening our eyes this year? Here are six feature tips for home.

Black Christmas comedy

Bad Santa

SBS9 December 25, 22.20 p.m

. The myth of Santa Claus as a paediatrician is pierced by Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa from 2003. , And what do you want? he asks absenteeism, while yet another little prick on his lap is reversing to the alcohol tremors from the mouth of his red-hated benefactor. It is precisely the uncaring black tone of this Christmas comedy that makes it so unexpectedly amusing. Everyone gets a wipe out of the pan. Even Santas faithful elf is neither sacred nor safe.

Anti-Santa tried it again

Dr. Seuss The Grinch

SBS6, December 26, 9pm

Jim Carrey played it once, but two years ago this digitally animated version of Dr. Seuss anti-Santa Claus saw the light. The Grinch was made by Illumination, the studio behind films like Despicable Me, who removed the cross Christmas story from 1966 from sharp edges and turned their Grinch into a rather toothless title hero. No child in Whoville who is still awake from the green hermit: he is no longer scary, nor evil, at most a bit grumpy. However, he still hates Christmas, a party he prefers to see cancelled. Not much chance.

Knightly adventure

The letter for the king

NPO3, December 25, 15.30 hours

Netflix surprised this year with a miniserie based on the same book, but De letter voor de king (1962) by writer Tonke Dragt was also expertly written in Dutch twelve years ago filmed. With Yannick van de Velde (Rundfunk) as a squire Tiuri, who has to watch one more night in a chapel before being knighted. But then a knock on the door sends everything confused and he has to go on the road to fulfill a mission that is much more important and dangerous. Exciting medieval road movie, which inspires with a valuable life lesson: you dont have to be a knight to behave chivalrous.

Sweet swoon

The holiday

NET5, December 25, 20:30

Shortly before Christmas, American Amanda (Cameron Diaz) and British Iris (Kate Winslet) see their wrecked love boats shipwrecked. In The holiday (2006) the two decide to exchange their homes. Amanda will spend Christmas in the centuries-old cottage of Iris, somewhere in the English countryside. Iris temporarily moved into Amandas residence, a luxurious villa with swimming pool in sunny Los Angeles. For both: new round, new prizes, new opportunities. In which Jude Law can glue the broken heart of Cameron Diaz, while Jack Black takes care of Kate Winslet in the film. So sugar-sweet swoon.

Fine feelgood film

All you need is love

RTL4, 25 December, 20.00 pm

The annual Christmas show of All you need is love is the start and end point of this Dutch feature film with the same title: a mosaic narrative in which various characters from all over the country wrestling with love. From Frank Lammers as conductor of a Limburg amateur orchestra to his daughter, from two Rase-Rotterdam friends to the Tukkerse Gerco (Waldemar Toorenstra), who was publicly rejected twenty years earlier by the woman of his dreams (Anniek Pheifer). Even Fedja van Huêt is emotionally lost in his Robert ten Brink inspired role. Pleasant feelgood film

Colorful and swirling

The greatest showman

NET5, 24 Dec, 20.30

But few Hollywood stars can sing and swing like Hugh Jackman. The Australian actor is the undisputed centerpiece of

The greatest showman, a title that seems to hit both his character and himself. The film musical is about circus director P.T. Barnum, a poor cobblers son who saw bread in entertainment and made his fortune with it.

However, heights and lows from his life are only used as picketpoles for a colourful and swirling show. Justin Paul and Benji Pasek (La La Land) signed for the modern poppy musical songs