Twan Huys: ‘College Tour is coming back! ‘

Twan Huys announced on Monday night in M that College Tour is coming back. โ€œThat is a cherished wish,โ€ he says happily. College Tour can be seen again from May.

Twan Huys has joined KRO-NCRV and will work as a presenter for several journalistic programs, including making the new research program Value of Earth and College Tour will be back on television.

โ€œ Im really looking forward to a new College Tour series in May. Very nice that KRO-NCRV and NPO 2 embrace College Tour. To this day, I get the question of students and viewers when another series of episodes of the show will be on TV. College Tour is missed, with the new start we can bring students back into contact with inspiring masters in their professionโ€, says Twan in a statement from the broadcaster.

In College Tour, Huys spoke with students with inspiring people from all over the world. Huys presented the program for eleven years, but had to say goodbye to it in 2018 when he switched to RTL. Matthijs van Nieuwkerk did one series of College Tour in 2019; after that the program was no longer visible.