Twelve deaths in Somalia

In Somalia, 12 members of the security forces were killed after the vehicle they were in was hit by an IED. Al-Shabaab terror group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The bomb was just outside a city in the Galgadud region, where politicians gathered to talk about the elections. Al-Qaedas affiliated al-Shabaab has, according to observers, benefited from instability around electing a new president.

The term of reign of the current President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo expires tomorrow. Choosing a new president has been causing turmoil in the country for months.


The elections should have taken place at the beginning of December. Among other things, they did not go on because the government had failed to curb the turmoil.

The new president is now meant to be elected by deputies. The opposition accused President Mohamed of filling the electoral college with allies. Two Länder leaders refuse to allow the elections to run in this way.

Last Monday, a storming of a hotel in the capital Mogadishu killed nine people. That attack was also claimed by terrorist group al-Shabaab.