Twelve suspects report after carbid-bomb at Hotel Joure

Twelve people are trapped because of possible involvement in the firing of a carbide cannon in the Frisian Joure. All the windows of a hotel were killed by the cannon. A great chaos arose. The incident has a great impact on the owner of the hotel Anne-Klare.

According to the police, the twelve reported at the station in Friesland on Friday afternoon and were arrested. A house also suffered considerable damage due to the carbide cannon. This rather small hotel is located on the Zijl in the Frisian town.

The suspects are being heard and their role in the incident is being reviewed. โ€œAll windows are out, including above,โ€ says owner Ardi Anker in a video on Instagram.

According to a bystander, the cannon was transported on a cart behind a car.

The owners of the buildings expect the damage to be in the tens of thousands of euros.

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