Twente-director Streuer waves away criticism: ‘Is one of the most experienced from country’

Technical director Jan Streuer cannot agree with the critical sounds towards the scouting of FC Twente. According to Streuer, the club has a big network.
According to critics, Twente often fished from the same pond when fetching new players. Among other things, it is noticeable that the Tukkers regularly catch the eye on players with an Ajax past. However, Streuer refutes that criticism in conversation with TC/Tubantia. โ€œWe really know all the players in the first division, to name a few,โ€ he says.
โ€œPatrick Busby is the coordinator, and he has worked at clubs like Ajax, HSV, FC Groningen and Brightonโ€, continues Streuer. โ€œHe is one of the most experienced scouts in the Netherlands with a huge network. With Patrick, Rob Boudrie, datascout Niels Wigbold, Evert Bleuming and my person we have done the scouting well. Although you always strive for more and better. Thats why we want to expand scouting next season,โ€ he concludes.