Twenty farmers prosecuted for fraud with calves, more than a hundred fined

Some 20 farmers have to go to court for fraud with the administration of their calves. The Public Prosecutors Office has also fined over 100 cattle farmers, ranging from 700 to almost 24,000 euros.

According to the prosecution, the fraud allowed farmers to keep more dairy cows than were allowed. They ascribed several newborn calves to one mother cow, which received a multiple on paper.

Other cows, which in reality had already calved, remained registered as heifer. These are cows that have not yet calved and therefore do not give milk. These young animals only count half in the rules for phosphate reduction and this allowed the farm to keep more dairy cows.

Because of the fraud, some farmers were also wrongly subsidised, because it seemed as if they had reduced their livestock.


The fraud came to light at the end of 2017. More than 2100 farms were blocked for this and were temporarily prevented from landing and landing animals. Minister Schouten of Agriculture considered the fraud unacceptable. โ€œThe picture of the scale on which the offences took place is worrying,โ€ she wrote to the House of Representatives.

After investigation, the prosecution has now ruled that 125 companies have committed criminal offences. In total, they had about 3000 cows too much. In some farms, more than a hundred calves were misregistered.

According to the states office, half of the 125 companies deliberately swarmed with the registration. With the rest, it seemed to be a mistake. According to the States Office, these companies did not have the rest of their administration in order.

More than a hundred companies get rid of it with a fine. Approximately twenty farmers have to go to court because of other abuses on the farm or because they did not agree to the fine imposed.