Twice as pressure on emergency care due to skate accidents

The doctors and nurses in the emergency departments of the approximately 80 hospitals have been twice as busy with skating accidents as on an average Saturday in this corona period. Wrist fractures, ankle injuries and broken hips prevailed on the first day that the Netherlands went massively on the ice, reports upcoming chairman David Baden of the Dutch Association of Emergency Medical Medical Doctors. Also, there was a lot of head injuries. The NVSHA has approximately 600 SEH doctors.

โ€œ Fortunately, the influx did not lead to extra pressure on the hospital beds,โ€ says Baden. โ€œMost victims of skating accidents were able to return home after treatment.โ€

In one hospital, it was just as busy as it ran out of plaster. Therefore, a new stock of piles had to be taken from a central warehouse.

According to Baden, the hospitals were well prepared for the hustle and bustle; additional staff were called to cope with the expected influx. โ€œWe haven‘t seen this since 2012,โ€ he says. โ€œAnd of course it’s also a wonderful weekend, just before the thaw falls in. Then everyone goes out massively, especially because of the corona restrictions.โ€

The Noordwest Hospital Group with branches in, among others, Alkmaar and Den Helder reports โ€œa busy day, with a lot of winter injuries.โ€ The doctors and nurses saw mainly people with wristinjuries. Everything remained under control, โ€œamong other things through good preparations such as, for example, the use of more plaster bandmasters.โ€