Twitch has a new record: more than two billion hours of views in a month

Twitch set a new monthly attendance record in March, according to StreamElements, an analyst agency. Viewers spent 2. 06 billion hours on the platform.

This is a 105% year-on-year increase. Facebook Gaming views for the month amounted to almost 400 million hours, and this is more than in February.

The most viewed game in March became Grand Theft Auto V (181 million hours). This is the first time, according to StreamElements, that she has topped that ranking.

And in no small part this was facilitated by streamers, who lead in it role-playing wager. For Grand Theft Auto V in the Twitch-popularity rating followed by League of Legends (143 million hours), Fortnite (107 million hours) hours), Call of Duty: Warzone (85 million hours) and Minecraft (82 million hours).

As for other trends, in March, streaming began to be extremely popular, the host of which. .

. just sleeps in the frame.

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