Twitch introduced phone and email verification for chat

Twitch has announced that the platform‘s audience must now be verified via phone or email in order to communicate via chat. The changes have already taken effect. โ€œFor months, we’ve been building, testing and refining this tool.

This is not the latest update to improve security. We are optimistic.

โ€ The new security measures should protect users from haters‘ attacks and height-raids. The verification request feature is available to every streamer.

At the same time, the phone is considered a more reliable option because it’s not that hard to create additional mail addresses. Haight raids are a big problem on Twitch.

The platform has previously sued users of Cruzzcontrol and CreatineOverDose allegedly responsible for orchestrating the raids. More on Gamemania Phasmophobia Authors Can Add Halloween ‘Nightmarish’ Difficulty Soundtrack Heroes of Might and Magic III to Release on Collectible Vinyl Bloober Team Wants play in the โ€œChampions Leagueโ€ alongside Naughty Dog or Bungie.