Twitch sues organizers of hayter raids

Twitch sued Cruzzcontrol and CreatineOverdose users based in the Netherlands and Austria, according to the service, they are the ones responsible for the massive hate-raids on the channels dark skinned streamers and LGBT people. Despite account blocking and other measures, violators still found ways to circumvent bans. In particular, they changed the codes of the bots, continuing to overwhelm their chats with racist and abusive comments.

Twitch believes that Cruzzcontrol and CreatineOverdose may be members of a whole heit- Coordinated attacks. Recall that on September 1, the streamers dissatisfied with the current state of affairs refused to broadcast and called on other users to support the initiative.

As a result of the promotion, the peak viewing of simultaneous viewers fell by 1 million, which is quite tangible. More on Gamemania New Downloads Page and More โ€” In Fresh Steam Client Update, Court Bans Apple From Restricting Third-Party Developers GTA V Becomes Most Popular Game on Twitch in August.