Twitch to be banked for Confederate flag and emoji abuse

Streaming platform Twitch has unveiled its new policy to counter aggression and hate speech. It will come into force on 22 January and all content created from that day will be evaluated under the new rules. As explained in the blog, Twitch has always been intolerant of aggression against women, representatives of non-traditional orientation, black, color and other categories.

The new policy should simply become more solid and clear. The main violations were divided into three parts: harassment, incitement to hatred and harassment.

In particular, persecution will be considered claims that the victim of a tragedy is lying or trying to attract attention. To the incitement to hatred referred to the mention of race, ethnicity, colors skin, caste, national origin, immigration status, religion, sex, gender, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, serious illness and veteran status.

In video it is now forbidden to show black, brown, yellow or red complexions unless it is a clearly educational context. Under the ban falls the flag of the Confederacy, it was recognized as a symbol of slavery and supremacy of the white race in the United States.

Twitch will forbid to comment on someones attractiveness, even in the order of Punishment can be obtained for a combination of emoji in a chat room, even without additional text. Presumably, we are talking about the abuse of black emoticons like TriHard or Cmonbruh, but examples of violations the channel did not bring.

The Confederate flag began to be subjected to persecution in summer 2020 year, after the start of a wave of BLM protests. He was notably banned from Forza and NASCAR series games along with the swastika, SS runes, and other hate symbols.

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