Twitch will identify potential violators with machine learning

It will now be easier to identify suspicious users on Twitch. The streaming platform introduced a function that allows you to identify unwanted viewers (โ€œmost likelyโ€ and โ€œpossibleโ€ violators) based on machine learning who They want to bypass the ban on the channel and mark their messages in the broadcast chat. Thus, only the authors and moderators of the channel will see the messages of the โ€œmost likelyโ€ violators.

They will decide whether to restrict suspicious visitors to watch the broadcast, monitor them or immediately ban them. are displayed in chat as usual, but the account is flagged so authors and moderators can monitor them and set restrictions.

Detect suspicious usersโ€ is enabled on all channels by default, but it can be disabled in the channel moderation settings. You can also manually add users to watch for behavior.

Twitch warns you that false results are likely and the new tool takes time to improve accuracy of work. More at Gambling Addiction, Sting will perform a song from Netflixs Arcane at The Game Awards 2021 Fortnite presents โ€œPartiesโ€ โ€” peaceful locations with mini -gaming media: 53% of video game writers have experienced humiliation at work.