Twitch will let streamers buy a rollout

Twitch has previously allowed streamers and viewers to promote channels by using chat points. Now he has announced the introduction of a new Boost this Stream feature that will give you the opportunity to buy promotion for real money. During the broadcast there will be an occasional chat offer pay 99 cents or three dollars (about 220 rubles) for a โ€œrecommendation packageโ€.

Buying the maximum booster will ensure that the channel appears in the recommendations for 3,000 users. The number of purchases is limited only by time: the offer will be valid for 10 minutes.

So far, it is only available to a limited number of streamers, and it is not known how soon and how wide it is plan to introduce. But the feature, claimed as an auxiliary to the beginners unwinding, is already facing criticism.

In fact, wealthy streamers will be able to officially buy buis. Recall that earlier the channel allowed streamers to take advantage of new moderation opportunities: demand phone and address email to send chat messages.

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