Twitter fairy tale after 17 years: ‘Chickenbumps, I was her nurse’

A spontaneous meeting on Twitter between the father of a British freshman student and a nurse who helped the girl 17 years ago during her illness causes tears to those involved, and random readers.

โ€œI dropped Maggie off at Bristol University today,โ€ Martin Dorey starts this week. โ€œYou can see Bristol Childrens Hospital in the distance from her room where she fought for her life for six months 17 years ago, against leukemia.โ€

It gave father Martin โ€œtears of happiness.โ€ But then comes the big surprise.

While the father thanks British health care, one Charlotte Higby responds. โ€œWow โ€” that gives me goosebumps! As a nurse who took care of Maggie all these years ago, you cant understand how much this means to me. Hope you have a great time, Maggie!โ€

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Her message gets more than 50,000 likes. Father Martin cant believe his eyes. โ€œWow!! Me too. Thank you for your message,โ€ he says, and then double-check whether Charlotte Higby is indeed part of the team that treated daughter Maggie.

Never forget

Its right. The two recall that Maggie had a very violent reaction, anaphylactic shock, after a course of chemotherapy. โ€œYes, I am!โ€ , says Charlotte. โ€œI never forgot that night. Whenever one asks during the yearly training if someone has experience with anaphylactic, then Maggie is thinking.โ€

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Father Martin also states that his second daughter, Charlie, was named after the two nurses Charlotte and Charlie who helped his first daughter. โ€œHow beautiful,โ€ says Charlotte Higby. โ€œIt reminds us of the things you have done,โ€ says Martin, who also shares a photo of his pride.


โ€œWhat a beautiful girlsโ€, the nurse continues again. She has forwarded the story to her colleague Charlie by now. โ€œIn nursing, youre usually not sure how things turn out, so seeing Maggie go to college now is incredibly special!โ€

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The father concludes with a grateful greeting.

Best Ever

Thousands of other Twitterers have been touched by the twos story. Father Martins first message yielded 7,000 retweets and 130,000 likes.

โ€œThis is beautiful. You dont always know the outcome of healthcare emergencies. When you see how a child grows up after something like that, its great,โ€ someone writes. Another one speaks of โ€œthe most beautiful thread ever on Twitterโ€. A third says weep.

Still others share their own personal story.

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Father Martin comes back to it once more. โ€œThis post really exploded. Thank you everyone. It brings back a lot. So much to be thankful for.โ€