Two Afghan female judges killed in Kabul

In the Afghan capital Kabul, two female Supreme Court judges have been shot to death, reports a court spokesman. The two were in a Supreme Court car on their way to work when they were ambushed and killed. The driver survived the attack.

The capital has been regularly startled in recent months by attacks in broad daylight on politicians, prosecutors, journalists and activists. No one has claimed the attack so far, the Taliban denies any involvement.

The attacks are taking place against the background of the peace negotiations between the Afghan Government and the Taliban taking place in Qatar. The Afghan Government accuses the Taliban of being behind the recent attacks; on the contrary, the Taliban say that the government ordered the murders to disrupt the peace process. The Islamic State has claimed a number of recent attacks in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan, where women were excluded from schools and universities during the Taliban reign of terror (1996-2001), had 250 female judges last year.