Two corona cases at beach volleyball tournament King of the Court in Utrecht

During the international beach volleyball event King of the Court in Utrecht, two players tested positive for the corona virus: the Swiss Quentin Métral and the Czech David Schweiner. Both players have been removed from the tournament.

Métral and Schweiner both tested positive for the first time three and six weeks ago respectively. Although they tested negative in their home countries, the first test in the Netherlands was positive, says tournament doctor Marc Doornbos.

We know it can be done. Even without any symptoms of covid-19, particles of the coronavirus can remain in a body for up to three months after an infection and then provide a positive test. The chance that this is also the case with Métral and Schweiner is plausible, says Doornbos.

Doornbos indicates that the chance is almost zero that the duo has lit other players. According to the most recent literature, people who only had mild or average symptoms can no longer infect others ten days after their infection. The RIVM also endorses this


According to Michel Everaert, director of sports development at the Dutch Volleyball Federation, the situation in Utrecht is under control. We have to make some adjustments to the tournament schedule, but the good news is that our systems seem to be watertight

The duos in which Métral and Schweiner compete will be replaced by the Dutch teams Bouter/Penninga and Boermans/De Groot. King of the Court will last until Saturday.