Two crew members Groningen ship kidnapped by pirates near Nigeria

Two crew members of the Groningen ship that was attacked by pirates off the coast of Nigeria yesterday have been kidnapped. “A particularly worrying situation”, says spokesman Cor Radings of shipping company Seatrade in Langs de Lijn en Omstreken on NPO Radio 1.

The company hopes that the kidnappers will contact them soon and that the crew members will be released. “Sometimes piracy is aimed at the cargo of ships, especially oil tankers. And sometimes crew members are kidnapped, then they try to negotiate ransom.”

On the Water Phoenix is “visible and invisible security”, says Radings. “But unfortunately that hasn’t helped enough in this case.”


The abducted crew members are a man from Russia and one from the Philippines. Seatrade has contact with their relatives. The other 16 crew members are unharmed. The ship is under escort of the Navy on its way to the port of Lagos. It was already on its way there when the pirates attacked.