Two days of rest: cheaters have already appeared in Diablo Immortal

Players who went to Diablo Immortal for fair and uncompromising PvP duels could enjoy them for two days. Access to the game opened on June 2, and since June 4, reports of cheaters began to appear on the network. The creators of gaming dishonesty did not reinvent the wheel.

Diablo Immortal has attack and movement boosters that are familiar to online players, elixirs of immortality and the ability to kill an enemy with almost one blow. cheat programs have already started selling their products or providing subscription access to them.

Players do not stigmatize dishonest players too much, believing that the aggressive monetization that gave rise to super-powerful whales in some way required such measures. And the abundance of cheaters will play into the hands of those who call for a boycott of Diablo Immortal.

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