Two dead due to storm in United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, two people were killed during a storm, reports the BBC. They were struck by falling trees, one in Northern Ireland and the other in the north of England.

Storm Arwen led to wind speeds of 160 kilometers per hour. In Scotland, 80,000 households were left out of power, in England 55,000.

Due to the storm, the British meteorological institute issued the weather code red yesterday afternoon. This is not often done in the United Kingdom: the last time was three years ago. Halfway through the night, the weather alarm was toned to orange and yellow.

In Scotland, rail traffic was shut down in part of the country. Parts of England and Scotland have also had to deal with snowfall.

Last night and last night, very heavy gusts of wind were measured locally, up to 98 miles per hour (more than 158 kilometers per hour) in Northumberland on the North East Coast of England, reports Met Office on Twitter:

The weather institute recommends that Britons travel alone when it is really necessary, because Arwen still causes very strong gusts of wind in many areas. Many roads therefore remain closed for the time being.