Two dead migrants in van in Austria, smuggler fled

Austrian border guards have found two deceased migrants in a van in Burgenland near the border with Hungary. A total of 28 migrants were in the van; the rest of the group is in good health, reports Austrian police.

The border guards discovered the smuggling of people during a check. The driver of the van then flew. The police have started a large-scale manhunt: helicopters, drones and dogs are searching for the man. A search for the human smuggler has also begun in Hungary.

A police spokesman says its Syrians and Kurds. There were no women or children among the migrants. It is still unclear what and when the two dead migrants were killed. Autopsy should clarify the exact cause of death.

Parallel to 2015

Governor Hans Peter Doskozil of Burgenland reacts shocked to the discovery. โ€œThis once again demonstrates the brutality and inhumanity of organised human smuggling,โ€ says Doskozil. In his response, he parallels the find of 71 dead refugees in 2015, found in a sealed refrigerated truck in nearby Parndorf.

According to Doskozil, the Austrian authorities have not learned enough lessons from that 2015 macabre find: โ€œWe need a European reform of the asylum system so that migrants outside Europe can apply for asylum and do not have to take dangerous flight routes,โ€ said the governor.