Two guardians Chinese zoo killed by tigers

Two caregivers in different Chinese zoos have been killed by tigers in the last few days, according to CNN based on Chinese media.

Last Sunday, Mr. Yang (55) was torn apart by the Siberian tiger whose loft he was cleaning, in a zoo in Anhui Province. For almost 20 years, Mr. Yang worked at the Zhanggongshan Zoo in Bengbu. He wouldnt have closed the tigers loft when he went in.

On Tuesday, the police shot two tigers after they found their caregiver a more interesting meal during feeding than the feed itself. The caregiver, Mr. Jia, was taken to the hospital where he died.

The two tigers in the last zoo were borrowed from a circus, located 600 kilometers away. They should be performing. That has been banned since 2018. The transport was also not licensed. Theres gonna be an investigation from the authorities.


Attacks of wild animals are not unique in China. A few weeks ago, three leopards escaped from an animal park in Hangzhou โ€” taking a week before residents were informed. Two leopards have now been captured, according to CNN, one is still missing.