Two guys arrested after failed robbery supermarket Cuijk, customer stabbed with knife

Police picked up two boys 13 and 16 years old on Friday night. They would have something to do with a failed robbery at a supermarket on the Dukatendreef in Cuijk.

According to the police, a man in a balaclava came into the store through the exit. He was armed with a knife and demanded money. A client who tried to intervene was injured in his hand by a stabbing movement of the perpetrator. The robber left without any booty.

Later in the evening, the two suspects were arrested in the Wilhelminastraat in Cuijk. The 13-year-old boy was in possession of a knife very similar to the weapon used in the robbery. The boy has no permanent residence or residence. The other suspect is 16 years old and is from Cuijk. According to the police, he met the description of the robber.