Two kemphans compete for power in CDU/CSU

In the reigning German Christian Democrats, two kemphans are fighting for the succession of Chancellor Angela Merkel. Both Armin Laschet (CDU) and his colleague Söder (from sister party CSU) announced their intention to become the leader of the Union, the most powerful party in Europe. In the next few days, they decide who will be hoisted on the shield.

The Conservatives are facing great problems. On the one hand, the party is plunging into opinion polls because of the management in the pandemic, and on the other, it is under attack for large-scale corruption and self-enrichment with deals around the pandemic, involving millions of euros of bribes.

We want to present a leader quickly and with great unity, says Prime Minister Laschet of North Rhine-Westphalia, the densely populated state.

The Catholic from Aachen, recently president of the rural CDU, has been suffering from a bad press for weeks. On the cover of Der Spiegel he now stands as fat Abraracourcix, who is pushed off the shield by his Gauls. The conclusion of the magazine: Häuptling Wird-so-nix. (Chief Words-so-nothing ).

Opposite him is the much more popular, tree-long Prime Minister of Bavaria, the largest and most prosperous state in terms of surface area. Markus Söder is the Machiavelli of the moment. If the CDU supports me broadly, the group and the Members, I would like to apply. But if the big sister says its different, I accept it, said Söder casually.

He pointed out in the Bundestag, a hundred metres from the Chancellery, that the polls can be even better, a string towards Laschet. And, It must be the one who has the most chances.


But Laschet of the larger party thinks he can take the first step. Yesterday it appeared that the Bundestag group is demanding participation, as well as the CDU and the Bavarian CSU governing bodies. Several prominent figures demand a decision in the next two weeks. Many group members opted for Söder, while senior party officials opted for Laschet.

Söder did not wrap it with wipes: This decision is a water separation. Not just for our country, but for the whole of Europe.