Two men Ter Apel rushed to hospital, cabinet wants land empty tomorrow

The cabinet is eagerly looking for extra shelters. This should result in the site for the registration center in Ter Apel being vacated tomorrow. Today, two men who stayed on the property were rushed to hospital.

Mayor Schuiling of Groningen wants no people to sleep outside from tomorrow. Justice Minister Yesilgรถz said after a meeting of the cabinet that she is looking at what can still happen today and tomorrow with all kinds of parties. โ€œTogether with other municipalities, we look at who can help with that. You can only solve the acute problems for the shelter by having more places.โ€

Since today, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has been present with a team that provides basic health care. This afternoon, the relief organization reported that two people staying there were rushed to hospital. One of them is a diabetic who had not had insulin for weeks; the second man had heart problems and was rushed to hospital after a heart video.

Chaos and stress

โ€œWe see so much chaos and stress. That probably contributed to it,โ€ says a spokesperson about it. MSF doctors are in Ter Apel, for example, to treat wounds, infections, and skin diseases or to provide psychological help. โ€œWe‘re really just having a non-stop influx of patients at our clinic.โ€ Last night, 700 people slept outside again in Ter Apel.

Many of the people who are helped by MSF have skin conditions due to poor hygiene at the application center. โ€œScabies, for example, and infections are common among the people here. And people who need medication for illnesses.โ€ Another patient was abused by a cop on his way to the Netherlands and has now been treated late from an eye wound.

Roof over head

Minister De Jonge for Housing said that agreements are being made โ€œin the very short termโ€ with municipalities, provinces and safety regions. โ€œIt’s no longer going like this; know that we are doing everything in our power to reverse the situation in Ter Apel,โ€ he added.

Earlier today, Secretary of State Van der Burg of Justice said that he โ€œis actually looking for everything. As long as people have a roof over their heads.โ€