Two more corona infections at Nijmegen school that closed doors

In the meantime, three confirmed corona infections have been confirmed at the Municipal School Community of Nijmegen. Two pupils and a secondary school teacher have the virus, reports rector Marcel Janssen. The school is closed as of today.

The school closed on its own initiative for the rest of the week. The reason for this was that on Monday one student was tested positive. Seven students and a teacher from the same class had to be tested because of corona-like complaints. The whole class had gone into quarantine because of the infected pupil.

The new infections have been diagnosed with a classmate of the first patient and with the mentor of the class. Both have had contact with the first infected pupil, according to the Rector. According to the headmaster, the three have mild symptoms for the time being.

Test results

Janssen is pleased that the school has decided to close. He hopes that all test results will be known on Friday, so that the school board can decide whether the school can reopen next week. There is a chance that the building will remain closed longer, he told Omroep Gelderland. The more than 1300 pupils of the school will be taught online for the time being.

The protocols for schools do not state that a school has to close after an infection, says a spokesperson of the RIVM. Nor did the GGD give this advice after the first infection at the Nijmegen school had become known. According to the government’s guidelines, a school must consider what actions are necessary in consultation with the Municipal Health Service (GGD). The school decided, in consultation with the school board, to close as a precaution so as not to run any unnecessary risks.


According to Janssen, he received a lot of positive reactions to the decision from parents via Facebook. Questions have also been asked about the way in which the education is given. “Of course there are parents who have some extra questions about how we plan to continue with the education after this week. We’re going to answer them neatly today.”