Two Palestinian women killed in West Bank, tension is running

Two separate incidents in the occupied West Bank today killed two Palestinian women.

Near Bethlehem, a Palestinian woman was shot dead by Israeli soldiers. According to the Israeli army, the woman is said to have approached them in a โ€œsuspicious wayโ€. The military opened fire on that. No weapon was found near the womans body.

According to the army, the 47-year-old woman ignored verbal warnings from the military and a warning shot. She was hit in her lower body and died on her way to hospital.

In Hebron, a Palestinian woman was shot dead, according to Israel for attacking a border guard agent with a kitchen knife. This happened at the entrance to the Ibrahimi Mosque, which Jews know as the Tomb of the Patriarchs. The agent was slightly injured.

Increased tensions

Tensions in the West Bank have been rising in recent weeks. Israeli soldiers are on edge, after Palestinians committed multiple attacks in Israel in recent times. Fourteen people were killed in addition. Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett spoke of a wave of Arab terror.

Conversely, the Palestinian authorities speak of provocation by the Israeli army, for example in the city of Jenin. Soldiers are making raids there, according to the Israeli authorities to prevent further attacks. Earlier it became clear that two perpetrators came from the vicinity of Jenin.

Jenins governor accuses Israel of โ€œcollectively punishingโ€ the local population of the area. In a raid in the citys refugee camp, one Palestinian was killed yesterday.