Two shelling in a row at Turkish restaurant in Rotterdam


buildings of Tadim, one of the oldest Turkish restaurants in Rotterdam, have been shot at two nights in a row. Earlier, the son of the owner of the restaurant escaped from an assassination attempt when he was shot at the departure of the mosque on the Essenburgsingel in May 2019. He was hit in the leg at the time.

The police are investigating whether there is a link to the shelling on the premises and the attempted liquidation of the owner‘s son. After the first shooting on Monday night, the restaurant owner would have fled to his other premises to be able to safely spend the night there. Prompt there on Tuesday night the bullets also flew through the windows.

Bullet holes

Monday morning a passer-by discovered bullet holes in the restaurant on the Nieuwe Binnenweg. He spoke to cops just down the street and told me there were holes in the window of the restaurant. The police found later indeed both on the ground floor and on the first floor, where a house is located. The family of the owners of the Turkish diner, which has been closed for several weeks because of the corona measures, would live in the house. Police say that investigation showed that there was a gunshot at around 2:20 a.m.

On the night from Monday to Tuesday it was hit by a building on the Abraham van Stolkweg. That building is used as a kitchen and storage for the same Turkish restaurant. At the time of shooting, several people would sleep there. They would, according to sources, have resorted to the commercial premises after the restaurant and the upstairs house had been shot at.

The police were alerted by the owner who called that he was awakened by blasting around 2:15. When he came downstairs, he saw that there were two round holes in the front door of his building.

Targeted action

It’s not the first time the family has had to deal with gun violence. The son, who was 32 years old at the time and lived in Capelle aan den IJssel, was attacked at the Marnix Gymnasium in Rotterdam on 3 May 2019. He was met by two men on a scooter when he came out of the mosque. It was a targeted action. The son was injured in his leg and had to be rushed to the hospital. The shooters haven‘t been found yet.

According to the man’s acquaintance, he fled to Turkey a few months after the assassination attempt, where he would still be staying today. At the time, sources from the criminal environment told me that he had been shot at because he had a cash debt he had not repaid.

The Rotterdam police suspect that there is a connection between the shelling of the buildings anyway. It is also investigated whether there is a link to the assassination of the son, so the police will inform you if requested.

Police are looking for people who can tell more about the shelling and possible backgrounds. In addition, it searches for camera or dash cam images.