Two suspects busted for involvement in stabbing agent in Cannes

French police arrested two suspects who would be involved in stabbing a cop yesterday in Cannes. Nothing has been disclosed about their identity.

A man pulled open the door of a three-cop car at a police station yesterday morning. He stuck on one of the officers, but he wore a bulletproof vest and thus remained unharmed. One of the other cops shot the attacker on it. It was badly injured.

The two suspects who have now been arrested would be acquaintances of the perpetrator. It is not known what their role would have been, but police say they are being charged with attempted manslaughter.

The attacker is a man of Algerian nationality, who holds an Italian residence permit. According to French media, he acted โ€œfrom the name of the Prophetโ€. The man is not on the list of radicalized persons.