Two table formation options: left and continue with current coalition

Two options have been stripped out in the formation today: a five-party cabinet with PvdA and GroenLinks and a continuation of the current coalition with the Christian Union.

A left cabinet is blocked by VVD and CDA. The two do not want to talk to GroenLinks and PvdA about a possible coalition agreement. That said PvdA leader Ploumen and Groenlinks leader Klaver after a conversation with Rutte (VVD), Hoekstra (CDA) and informator Mariรซtte Hamer.

Klaver called it โ€œon-Dutchโ€ that the other two parties do not want to negotiate substantively. โ€œBut maybe its a compliment. That they see and think the power of our collaboration: we dont want that.โ€ Ploumen thinks its โ€œregrettedโ€ that there will be no negotiations. โ€œBecause the Netherlands is waiting for solutions and they get a little out of sight.โ€


VVD and CDA had repeatingly announced that they didnt feel anything for a two-left-wing coalition. The intention of PvdA and GroenLinks to form one block has therefore not changed that. VVD leader Rutte and CDA leader Hoekstra remain worried that two left-wing parties will make the coalition unstable.

Rutte said in a comment that the links cooperation is good news for the parties themselves. โ€œBut it hasnt changed anything for us. Theyre not both needed for a majority.โ€ Rutte added that his party is quite willing to negotiate with one of the two parties. โ€œBut they dont want that.โ€

Road impassable

The continuation of the current coalition is not an option either. D66 leader Kaag and Christenunion foreman Segers said that after their conversation with Hamer. Kaag spoke of a โ€œimpasseโ€ in the formation and Segers called โ€œall roads to a majority coalition impassableโ€.

The VVD wanted a continuation of the coalition with the Christian Union, but Kaag is holding it back because D66 wants a โ€œas progressive cabinet as possibleโ€. Among other things, there are considerable differences between the two parties in the field of medical ethics. Segers doesnt feel welcome because of Kaags setup.

The D66 leader now puts the ball at Rutte. โ€œIts up to the VVD now to find a way forward as the biggest party. The question is: how do we get out of this?โ€ The stripping of the left option by Rutte and Hoekstra called Kaag difficult to explain. โ€œIt is very difficult for us to see the exclusion of GroenLinks and the PvdA as a logical step.โ€

Minority Cabinet

In the afternoon there was another session with the parties that are not mutually exclusive: VVD, D66 and CDA. They could also form a minority cabinet, as has been frequently suggested lately. Afterwards, the party leaders did not rule on the continuation of the formation. โ€œIts up to the informer to weigh everything,โ€ Kaag said.

Meanwhile, the formation has been around 5.5 months and there is little view of a new cabinet. The two election winners, VVD and D66, both want a different direction.