Tyrol more and more locked after outbreak South African coronavariant

Austria is taking additional measures due to an outbreak of the South African corona variant in Tyrol. Travellers must show a negative corontest as of Friday if they want to leave the state.

The authorities have identified nearly 300 cases of this new virus variant in the area popular among winter sports enthusiasts. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz warned that it could cost many lives if such a mutated version of the virus could spread quickly.

It is still unclear how the extra-contagious South African variant in Tyrol could grab around itself. The tightened policy will remain in force for at least ten days and will not apply in East Tyrol. Children do not need to show a negative test result.


The spread of new corona variants is monitored with concern worldwide. South Africa announced on Sunday that it is not vaccinating with AstraZenecas coronavaccine for the time being because it would be less effective against the South African variant.

โ€œ Almost 50 percent of Europeans will be vaccinated with AstraZeneca in the coming months,โ€ Kurz said Tuesday. โ€œIf this remedy is less effective, then we must be aware that these mutations are extremely dangerous for us.โ€