“U.S. companies lobbying WeChat decree Trump

It concerns companies that have large interests in China. The decree against WeChat, which prohibits companies from making transactions with the chat app from the end of September, could have major consequences for them.

WeChat is not only an important chat app, but also the operating system of many users in China. Whereas in the west separate apps are used for purchases, insurance and banking, in China this is all done through the chat app.

Paper White House

The concerned American companies want clarity about what the decree exactly means, writes the business newspaper. It is unknown whether the consultations with government officials have provided that clarity. However, based on a White House document, Reuters press agency yesterday reported that the decree would mean that WeChat would have to leave Apple’s and Google’s download store and advertising would become illegal.

According to the Trump government, WeChat collects “enormous amounts of information” from its users. The government fears that American user data will fall into the hands of the Chinese government. The chat app claims to protect the privacy of its users.

Problems for Apple