UB40 singer Duncan Campbell stops for health reasons

Duncan Campbell, the frontman of British reggae band UB40, stops making music. This tells the 63-year-old singer and guitarist, who has been experiencing health problems for a while, on the band‘s website.

Unfortunately, because of my constantly weak health, I have had to decide to step out of the band and focus on my recovery, the singer said. I am very grateful and would like to express my sincere appreciation to the fans, for all their support over the past period and during my time at UB40.

In a comment, his older brother and fellow band member Robin (66) tells him that he is annoyed that Duncan must be forced to stop. Although we are very sorry, we fully understand and support his decision. As far as our tour is concerned, we’re ready to give shows again this summer and we‘ll be presenting a new front man soon.

Last summer, Duncan was hospitalized after a stroke. Since then, he has been wranking more and more with his health. Duncan has been the lead singer of UB40 since 2008. He then took his brother Ali’s place. The former frontman left the band after disagreement.