Ubisoft announced Monopoly Madness and will release it in December

Ubisoft has announced Monopoly Madness, a game based on the famous tabletop economic strategy. But made a generous share of madness to it, changing a number of rules and adding new features. Players have to take part in short rounds on city streets.

As you should, you can buy, sell and upgrade properties, gather resources and avoid traps. But now some of the traps and catcalls are being prepared by our rivals.

In particular, they can destroy our building, but it is not yet known how easily and often it can be done. Four unique worlds will be available in the game, with multiple levels and playgrounds, so we‘ll get two dozen diverse playgrounds.

In addition to the famous โ€œCity,โ€ we’ll be able to get to โ€œThe Beach,โ€ see โ€œQuiet Autumn,โ€ and experience โ€œNightlife. โ€ โ€œMad Monopolyโ€ will be released on December 9 on Xbox One, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and PC (via Ubisoft Store).

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