Ubisoft: Far Cry 6 on politics โ€” and otherwise cant be

Recently, Far Cry 6 narrative director Navida Khavari told why the developers decided to make a made-up island instead of a conditional Cuba, but a number of publications tried to pervert his words& nbsp; โ€” including the original source itself, The Gamer. Journalists filed the materials as if there would be no political agenda in the game at all, whereas it was about Cuba โ€” Ubisoft does not want to โ€œtake sidesโ€, since the history of the island is very confusing. In the end, the situation became so heated that Khavari had to write a whole post on Ubisoft‘s blog.

โ€œOur story is political. As Khavari notes, Far Cry 6 will touch on sharp topics like the rise of fascism in the country, the price of imperialism, slavery, the need for free and fair elections and LGBTQ+ rights.

However, all this will be discussed on the made-up island of Yara somewhere in the Caribbean. โ€œMy goal is to give the team the freedom to tell the complex story that we have worked on for the last five years.

We also carefully studied sources of inspiration, including Cuba and other countries that have experienced the political revolution. โ€ The team constantly communicated with experts and witnesses of similar events to study the plot from different angles โ€” however Khavari cannot say whether the developers have succeeded in fulfilling their goals.

โ€œIt’s not for me to decide if we did, but I can confidently say that we tried very hardโ€ Closing words of Naveed Khavari โ€œFrom the point of view of the plot we tried to catch the political complexity of the modern revolution in a made-up context. We tried to tell a story full of events, adventures and soul โ€” but also one that would not be afraid to ask difficult questions.

In the DNA series Far Cry always had the rudiments of adults and complex topics that combine frivolity and humor. One cannot exist without the other โ€” and we have tried to achieve that balance.

I hope the plot will say everything for itself โ€” before someone has time to form a certain opinion about the political background. โ€ Far Cry 6 is released on October 7 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC.

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