Ubisoft has proved to be the most hated gaming brand in the world

The Rave Reviews portal conducted its own research to find out what Twitter users hate most. To do this, they selected leading companies in various industries and analyzed tweets mentioning them using the Sentistrength program. In the gaming industry, Ubisoft was the most hated company.

The creators of the endless Far Cry and Assassin‘s Creed series have caused the most discontent in 23 countries, predominantly European. They include Russia, Brazil, South Africa and even their native France.

Capcom took the second most hate speech, with Japan, India, Hong Kong, Finland and other countries resentful of it. Activision only rose to the top spot in Spain and Mexico, and Nintendo is not loved exclusively in Norway.

Pakistanis hate Epic Games for some reason. But in Canada, Game Freak, the company responsible for the Pokรฉmon series, enjoys a 100% negative rating.

Veterans remember that since a dozen years ago, Electronic Arts & mdash; not only in the gaming industry. Today, it is still a source of discontent, but not on this scale.

As you can see, it didn’t even get into the infographics. Rave Reviews named hateful brands in other industries as well.

So, among global brands, Sony is the most hated. In the food industry, KFC stands out, although Starbucks is no longer loved in Russia.

In technology, Microsoft is the anti-leader. And the most hated global brand in Russia turned out to be PayPal.

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