Ubisoft revives Driver franchise โ€” but in the form of a TV series

Ubisoft has announced plans to revive the Driver franchise as a TV series for its new streaming service Binge. Binge will launch in 2022, and Driver is set to be one of the launch site projects. The main character of the original 1999 game was undercover agent and former racer John Tanner, who tried to overpower a criminal syndicate.

In the sequels, the hero fought bandits in other cities, carrying out a variety of missions. The franchise‘s last major game was 2011’s Driver: San Francisco.

Later to the series, the studio was returning in mobile format in 2014. There are no details on who will handle the script and production yet, but Ubisoft representatives act as producers.

The Binge service itself is being promoted as a venue the authors want create content for game fans It could probably feature other projects based on popular series. More on Gamermania Tomorrow for PS5 will be released the second system update with SSD support M.

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