Ubisoft still working on cross-online and -progress for Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege creators are still working to implement common online and progress across platforms, but when the feature appears is still unknown. However, at least the general online so far plan to be implemented only between PlayStation and Xbox, because on consoles and computers players will act in too different conditions when appearing opportunities to play together. According to the head of production Siege, the crossplay between consoles and PC has obvious pros and cons – now the developers have not yet made the final decision regarding whether PlayStation and Xbox owners will be able to play with players on computers.

Recently, Ubisoft introduced the sixth year of Rainbow Six Siege, in which the developers abandoned the annual pass – it will be replaced by a battle pass for each season. More on CCeit In the fourth season of Fall Guys players will go to the future media revealed a cameo of the character from the finale of Justice League Snyder The network has a trailer of the series Sarik Andreasyan about Chikatilo.