Ubisoft wins court against organizers of DDoS attacks on Rainbow Six Siege servers

In January 2020, Ubisoft filed a lawsuit against the website SNG. ONE, which allegedly provided services to organize DDoS attacks on network game servers, including Rainbow Six Siege. Initially, SNG.

ONE advertised itself as a service to test firewalls for attacks, but Ubisoft stated that the creators also provided DDoS attack services through other sites. In February, Ubisoft filed an application ruling by default, after the defendants failed to respond to the suit.

Earlier this month, the request was granted. Ubisoft is now owed $153,000.

At the same time, nearly 143. 5 thousand of them is the cost of lawyers.

The court also ordered the defendants to shut down the websites and services they ran and hand over control of any relevant by Ubisoft domain names. They were also legislatively barred from interfering with people trying to play Rainbow Six Siege, including violating the integrity, availability, or state of the games servers.

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