UCI adapts measures: team home with two riders with corona

The International Cycling Union UCI has adapted the health regulations for the Tour de France. Most important change: if two riders of a cycling team in the Tour de France bubble test positive within seven days, the team will be taken out of the Tour.

It is a relaxation of the rules previously announced by Tour-organisation ASO, whereby this measure also applied to staff members of a cycling team. This meant that riders also had to leave the Tour if two staff members would test positive.

When only one rider or staff member is infected within a team, only that person will be taken out of the Tour.

In the run-up to the Tour all riders will be tested at least twice. They also have to keep diaries and wear mouth masks. A replacement may be appointed until 29 August 10.00 a.m. if necessary, after that no more.

All riders in the Tour will be tested on the two rest days (7 and 14 September). Prior to the Tour, each staff member of each team has had to undergo a Covid test. The results must have been handed over to the UCI by the team doctor