‘UEFA brings ‘Ajax idea’ and other Champions League innovations’

UEFA is already organising a digital conference with the largest European competitions this week, in which plans for a new Champions League setup will be discussed. The current system is most likely going to be kicked after 2024.

According to De Cceit and the British newspapers The Guardian and The Telegraph, representatives of UEFA and the Member States are sitting at the virtual table on Friday. One of the proposals concerns the throwing of the group phase: no longer eight groups with four clubs, but a ranking list. Juventus President Andrea Agnelli recently expressed his appreciation for this system, allegedly developed by Ajax.
The fact that the current Champions League setup has had its longest time has become clear in the meantime. FC Barcelona, together with the other elite clubs, threatened to take matters into their own hands and develop a Super League together. However, it does not seem that this is going to happen: FIFA has already stated that players from any Super League clubs are not allowed to participate in ECs and World Championships.