UEFA chairman is fast with location 2030 World Cup: Spain and Portugal, Im sure

Aleksander Ceferin knows for sure, the 2030 World Cup will be held in Spain and Portugal. The President of UEFA said this at the Football Talks congress in Lisbon quoted by The Athletic. Ceferin leaves other contenders with little hope.
According to the chairman, it is already known that Spain and Portugal‘s bid will win for that World Cup. Officially, it will not be decided until 2024 which countries will be allowed to organize the 2030 final tournament. The competitor of the two European countries are Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. They would like to organize the World Cup together, partly because it will be exactly one hundred years since the first world championship ever held in Uruguay.
Ceferin was present at the conference in Lisbon via video link, but couldn’
t resist speaking about the eventual organiser of the tournament in 2030. The 2022 World Cup is yet to be held and will take place in Qatar this year. From 20 November, among other things, the Dutch national team will try to win the world title there.

I see it as a winning bid. We will do what we can to help the bid. UEFA President Aleksandr Ceferin is confident the Iberian bid for the 2030 #WorldCup will be successful. https://t.co/2322U9TPsU
— The Athletic UK (@TheAthleticUK) September 5, 2022